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Position Number: AMS1
Position Title: Airport Maintenance Staff Member
Classification: Included
Reports To: Airport Maintenance Supervisor
Job Posting Date: August 15, 2017
Job Closing Date: September 22, 2017
Term: TBD             


Position Description

The NDA is looking for individuals who are highly motivated self-starters, work well with minimal supervision and are willing to learn and contribute to the team. Interview preference will be given to those candidates with the following qualifications: a red seal trade ticket as a Heavy Duty Equipment Technician, Automotive Service Technician, Truck and Transport Mechanic or Carpenter, other ticketed equipment or building trades, those with previous airport operations and maintenance experience. The NDA will provide training to the right candidate to meet the AMS1 standard. All relevant education and experience will be considered when evaluating candidates.

This position requires day and evening and weekend shift work for operations 365 days a year. Normal hours of work are 40 hours per week. The NDA offers a competitive wage, extended health and dental benefits and a pension plan.

Only email applications will be accepted. Send resume and cover letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Position Summary:     The Airport Maintenance Staff Member, under the direction of the Airport Maintenance Supervisor, has primary responsibility for participating in those activities supporting the safety, operational performance and maintenance of airport properties, facilities and vehicles, including minor electrical, mechanical and plumbing repairs.

Duties and Responsibilities:

 A.   Safety

          Under the direction of the Airport Maintenance Supervisor:

    1. Ensure that all work activities are conducted in a safe and standard manner;
    2. Report promptly any accidents or incidents and be prepared to participate in investigating and developing risk reduction measures or elimination of risk in the future performance of these duties;
    3. Identify hazards in the performance of maintenance duties and participate in the development of risk mitigation strategies;
    4. Conduct periodic wildlife management inspections with a frequency sufficient to yield a steady flow concerning wildlife presence and movement on the airport property; and
    5. Take action in accordance with the Wildlife Management Plan when required to control wildlife on the airport.

B.     Airside Responsibilities

         Under the direction of the Airport Maintenance Supervisor:

    1. Conduct daily inspections of runways and maneuvering surfaces in accordance with regulations and airport policies. Complete the required reports and submit them promptly. Advise the Flight Service Station (FSS) about runway conditions. Complete and submit Runway Surface Condition Reports in accordance with Transport Canada regulations;
    2. Conduct snow removal activities in accordance with the airport Snow Removal and Ice Control Plan on airport runways taxiways, aprons, access ways, roads and parking lots. Recommend changes in the plan to the Maintenance Supervisor to improve the plan;
    3. Conduct routine, periodic inspections of airport lighting, signage, windsocks, airport pavement conditions, airport pavement markings and the field electrical system. Maintain all of these facilities or recommend required maintenance activities to the Airport Maintenance Supervisor;
    4. Roll and cut grass as required on the airside of the airport. Determine the appropriate grass height required to permit aircraft operations on the grass landing strip and to control wildlife on other grassed areas. Remove or arrange to have removed any vegetation that reduces the operational capability of the airport or report the need to do so to the Maintenance Supervisor;
    5. Provide escort services for maintenance, inspection and other vehicles authorized to be on the airport but not equipped to proceed independently;
    6. Supervise and assist as required contractors on the airport.

C.     Groundside Responsibilities 

         Under the direction of the Airport Maintenance Supervisor:

    1. Operate, inspect, maintain, fuel and perform seasonal preparation activities on all Airport- owned vehicles. Recommend significant rehabilitation projects on vehicles to the Airport Maintenance Supervisor;
    2. Cut grass as necessary for designated areas, carry out landscaping improvements and maintain all grounds belonging to the Airport. Make recommendations to the Airport Maintenance Supervisor for repair, maintenance or improvement projects on airport-owned lands and roads;
    3. Inspect, maintain and clean buildings belonging to the Airport. Inspect and clean public washrooms daily. Ensure an adequate supply of soap and paper products;
    4. Identify acts of vandalism to any property on the airport. Report acts of vandalism to the Airport Maintenance Supervisor and any affected lease holders;
    5. Report any unauthorized incursions onto aprons, taxiways and runways to the Airport Maintenance Supervisor. Where possible, include vehicle licence numbers and personal names/descriptions. Escort vehicles and people off the Airport if required; and
    6. Read utility meters on a monthly basis. Report the readings to the Airport Executive Assistant.

D.     Training and General 

    1. Identify areas where personal development, i.e. formal training, would benefit the airport and recommend suitable courses to gain the necessary information or qualifications;
    2. Perform other miscellaneous duties as assigned by the Airport Maintenance Supervisor.

Position Requirements

This position is full time, 40 hours per week. More than 50% of the time is devoted to outdoor activities and good motive and coordination skills are involved. The language of communication is English. The personal knowledge and skill requirements to be successful at this position are:

      • Ontario Grade 12 Secondary School Diploma or equivalent;
      • Valid driver’s license,“DZ” classification required;
      • Knowledge and physical ability to operate, inspect, maintain and fuel heavy airport vehicles;
      • Knowledge and physical ability to inspect, repair and maintain a wide variety of airport electrical, mechanical and plumbing facilities. Shop training, apprentice programs, specific papers or qualifications would be an asset;
      • Good oral and written communications skills in the English language. Ability to qualify for a restricted aeronautical radio-telephone operator’s license which must be obtained within thirty (30) days of employment
      • Ability to qualify for a D Airside Vehicle Operator Permit which must be obtained within 30 days of employment;
      • Initiative and decision-making skills to work effectively for long periods without close supervision; and
      • The ability to work as a team player with other staff members


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